Strategic and Organization Planning


We realize that there are many capable consultants you could hire to help you with your strategic and organizational planning efforts.  However, we believe our approach is unique and our services well engineered to maximize your success in several important ways:

Passionate:  The hallmark of great leadership is the ability to establish a compelling “vision” for the organization that arouses “passion” and speaks equally to customers, employees, affiliates and investors (or benefactors).  We believe a sound, executable strategic plan that establishes the pathway for achieving your vision is essential for the success of any business enterprise or service organization, regardless of size or complexity.  We are passionate in that belief, and our purpose is to assist you make your visioning “passionate” and planning endeavors “successful”.

Facilitative:  We are not going to bring you “the plan” or impose our views upon you.  Rather, we believe that all successful strategic plans come from within and are crafted through the thoughtful and diligent efforts of your leadership team.  They must be “owned” by those team members as well as others throughout the organization in order for those strategies to be successful.  As such, our role is to orchestrate the planning process, extract critical information and opinions, create synergies regarding viewpoints and options, and fully engage the energies of your team – so both you and they can fully focus on your “vision” and the best “strategies” for achieving that vision.

Comprehensive:  We believe that successful strategic and organization planning goes beyond events and documents.  We believe that visioning, planning, executing, evaluating, and then reworking the plan is a cyclical activity that must become a “lifestyle” for any organization that is going to achieve sustainable success in an ever-changing world.  Our approach to helping you adopt this “lifestyle” includes the following components:

Strategy: We help you develop and communicate a “vision” for your organization, as well as the strategic goals and objectives – the “pathway” – that will lead to achieving that vision

Design: We help you design the organizational structure, processes, programs and systems necessary for you to successfully walk down your strategic pathway as well as support your unique vision

Execution: We help you plan, lead and manage the programs, projects and change initiatives necessary to achieving your strategic goals and objectives

Rewards: We help you design and implement compensation and reward programs that serve as guideposts for achievement, gain commitment, and link rewards to accomplishment

Methodical:  We bring to the table a well-established and proven process for guiding your planning endeavors that is built on adaptable “change management” methodology, and when applied well, will ensure effective plan execution.